By reversing the decision taken by the previous government to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the current authorities of Australia stirred the agitated and thorny political scenario towards peace in the Middle East.... More

Cuban culture is also solidarity

Cuban culture is synonymous with patriotic values and emancipation.  It was forged in the struggles against injustice, slavery and for the independence of our country from the yoke of Spanish colonial rule.... More

As it happened since 1983 -- only with the exceptions due to Covid-19 -- Cuba is organizing FIHAV, Havana International Fair, set for its 38th edition in November, which is expected to be attended by dozens of countries.... More

Less than 15 days before the second round of the general elections in Brazil, the streets of the South American giant were filled with young people protesting against the budget cuts to education announced earlier this month by the government presided over by Jair Bolsonaro.... More

Cuba has always attached great importance to science, technology and innovation, and its necessary linkage with the different branches to respond to various problems faced by the country, which are multiplied by the blockade that the United States has maintained for 60 years against our people.... More

Gun violence in the United States

In the United States, gun violence has become a daily tragedy. Mass shootings in schools and public places are registered in any part of the U.S. territory.   And 2022 is shaping up to be a lethal year. ... More

The usual weekend calmness in Pinar del Rio has been relegated by the continuity of the feverish and organized hustle and bustle, in order to heal the deep wounds caused by the intense hurricane Ian in the western Cuban province.... More

The impact of the economic, commercial and financial blockade slows down the country's economy and considerably affects its development in all sectors.... More

Every October 16, humanity celebrates World Food Day with the risk of suffering another year of record hunger due to the global food crisis, which pushes more people to become victims of this scourge.... More

Forty-three percent of farm workers in the world are women, who face a variety of obstacles such as access to land, agricultural materials, credit and training.... More

Haiti in collapse

Violence between armed gangs, inflation, other indicators of the economic crisis as well as the weakness of authorities and institutions, opened the way in Haiti to the promoters of a foreign intervention.... More

 "...A people that did not tremble in the October Crisis, that people can never be defeated."   That is how the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro referred to the courage of the Cubans in those days of 1962, when one of the most serious incidents of the Cold War period took place.... More

Brazil's presidential candidates, campaigning for the October 30th runoff election, are touring the country in a frantic crusade to attract followers.... More

Guaranteeing health services

In the recovery work being carried out in western Cuba, after the severe damage caused by Hurricane Ian, great efforts have been made in health infrastructure to guarantee services to the population.... More

Cubans and Venezuelans, trained to cooperate with available resources even in the midst of material hardships, have reasons to worry and encourage each other, by virtue of two disasters that have occurred in both countries.... More