Organization grouping young Cuban artists turns 35

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
2021-10-18 21:09:12


Havana, Oct. 18 (RHC)-- Young Cuban artists are celebrating the 35th anniversary of their organization –the Hermanos Saiz Association, always committed to the creative work of young artists and writers.

The idea to create an organization of young Cuban creators, in honor of Cuban martyrs --the brothers Luis and Sergio Saiz Monte de Oca-- was first conceived out of the frequent meetings of Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro with avant-garde artists and intellectuals in June of 1961 at Havana’s José Martí National Library.

The idea first materialized with the creation of the Hermanos Saiz Group promoted by the National Association of Artists and Writers (UNEAC). It later changed its name to Hermanos Saiz Brigade, which in turn merged with the Raúl Gómez García Brigade and the New Song Movement into just one organization –The Hermanos Saiz Association—born on October 18th, 1986.

With branch offices all across the country, the organization today groups over 3600 creators under 35 years of age. It has a solid, consolidated system of scholarships, prizes and events to encourage, support and accompany the professional growth of its members: actors and actresses, visual artists, writers, musicians, playwrights, film and video makers.

Amidst Covid-19, young Cuban artists, members of the Hermanos Siaz Association have remained very active, with the full support of the Cuban Ministry of Culture and all the other cultural institutions and entities, debating and exchanging on our country’s cultural policy, as well as creating and offering their art and reaching out to ever-larger audiences on the island and abroad, through all available spaces, particularly digital platforms, thus contributing to further developing and promoting Cuban culture.


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