Postponement of the appointment of the DT of the Cuban baseball team

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2022-01-04 06:41:24


Postponement of the appointment of the DT of the Cuban baseball team

Havana, January 4 (JIT)-- The National Baseball Commission (CNB) has postponed the appointment of the head coach of the Cuba team, the JIT newspaper reported.

The body of the Cuban Sports Institute specified that the selection of the mentor of Cuba's main team was initially planned as a step prior to the start of the 61st National Series.

"After analyzing the unusual situation that has marked the preamble of that event, as a result of covid-19, and taking into account that the 2022 season will lack official international competitions, it has been determined that it will be at the close of the same when the referred election will take place," the note noted.

In this way, the selected team will be able to follow up the selective series called as a qualitatively superior step, and called to gather a good part of the players that will integrate the pre-selection for the various commitments to be faced in 2023. 

We support the decision to respond to the will expressed in the strategy for the development of our sport, which requires a director who has worked in our national competitions -not necessarily the one that is about to begin- and whose appointment emerges from a transparent process, based on the strength of his abilities and the work project that he will defend once he is asked to do so. 

In this regard, we remind you that once he has assumed this function, he will not be in charge of any team in local competitions.


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