Our flag is heading to the Pan American Games

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-10-14 18:07:24


Havana, October 14 (JIT) -- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez greeted each member of the Cuban delegation present at the Portocarrero Hall of the Palace of the Revolution, and that was the great postcard of an emotional flag ceremony for the XIX Pan American Games of Santiago 2023.

Minutes before, the national flag had been placed in very good hands, those of boxer Julio Cesar La Cruz and judo player Idalys Ortiz, while the fanfare seemed to announce the proximity of a sporting battle for the honor of the homeland. Nothing more important. 

The morning was one of jubilation, optimism and commitment. An army in red and blue attire was perfectly formed to show its loyalty and confidence in victory, in a beautiful place where ferns and other plants brought from the Sierra Maestra itself live.

The scene did not cease to be moving because it was repeated. After months of intense and complex preparation, after the qualifying process, our young people are ready for a sporting event that survived in time and form the pandemic of covid-19 and the global economic crisis. 

The national anthem was heard firmly. The Lone Star Flag presided over an exalted 30 minutes of extreme Cuban nationalism. World multi-medalist Daniela Darriba read the co-promise of her people, called to act faithful to their predecessors and proud of the sports system created by Fidel. 

"To put the name of the homeland on high, so that it may look upon us with pride. To fight tirelessly for the best performance and to return home as bearers of the medal of dignity," she echoed in the hall before the eyes of her colleagues, ready to support her with a round of applause.

Singer-songwriter Danilo Vázquez sang the song Héroes en Combate (Heroes in Combat) on guitar. Actress Mirtha Lilia Pedros declaimed the poem Voto de confianza del pueblo a Fidel, by Indio Naborí. Raúl Torres also moved the hearts of those present with his song A Cuba hay que quererla. 

Then, Jorge Luis Broche Lorenzo, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party and head of its department of attention to the social sector, took the floor with fiery words? 

He recalled the hard panorama in which this delegation has been constituted, facing above all the impact on the island of the criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. government.       

"Today, a new delegation of dignity is being led today, an important representation of our best athletes will put the name of Cuban sport on a high level. Once again the dedication, nobility and commitment to the homeland will distinguish a motivated and cheerful delegation, which will battle to the end in each outing, faithful to the privilege of representing Cuba," said the leader.

Other leaders of the Party, the government and the political and mass organizations were present at the ceremony. In a special way, the four-time Olympic champion Mijaín López Núñez, who continues to prepare for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, attended the event.


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