Iranian foreign minister says Israel has nuclear weapons and cries wolf on Tehran

Tehran, September 10 (RHC)-- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has responded on his official Twitter account to Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to show what the Israeli prime minister has branded as off-limits Iranian nuclear experimentation.

Netanyahu claimed on Monday that the Islamic Republic had carried out alleged activity at a place, which he claimed used to be situated south of the central Iranian city of Isfahan, towards obtaining nuclear arms.  Without providing further details or specifying when such supposed practices were underway, he went on to allege that Iranian officials “wiped out” the putative center after it was discovered by Israel agents.

“The possessor of REAL nukes cries wolf—on an ALLEGED “demolished" site in Iran,” Zarif tweeted later in reaction.  He was pointing to multiple reports and accounts by reputed personalities identifying Israel as the only possessor of nuclear arms in the Middle East.  Those proofs include The Sunday Times’ historic report of 1986 that first broke the story on tip-off from former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu, and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s similarly head-turning revelation that the occupying regime was in possession of hundreds of nuclear warheads.

Zarif incorporated The Sunday Times’ front page in his tweet, and said through his accusations, the Israeli premier was mindlessly trying to foment a war against Iran as part of the “B-Team.”  The hawkish group -- the B-Team -- is also comprised of U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.  The top Iranian diplomat has repeatedly condemned the foursome for their efforts to subject Iran to economic terrorism and bring about military aggression targeting the Islamic Republic.

“He & B-Team just want a war,” Zarif said, “no matter innocent blood & another $7 TRILLION,” referring to the amount Washington has admitted to spending in the Middle East and Central Asia towards military operations.

Zarif finally recalled Netanyahu’s remarks back in 2002, during which the Israeli premier promoted a U.S.-led military aggression against Iraq by claiming that it would hugely benefit the region.

The United States led its allies in the invasion a year later.  The war was ensued by devastating sectarian conflict and chaos in the Arab country and elsewhere in the region.  The tumultuous aftermath also paved the way for emergence of Takfiri terrorists in the region.

“Remember his “GUARANTEE” of "positive reverberations" in ’02?” the tweet read, and also incorporated a video of Netanyahu’s giving the pledge.

Edited by Ed Newman


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