Former Bolivian minister Arturo Murillo goes on trial in the U.S. 

Edited by Ed Newman
2021-08-08 14:27:11


In Bolivia, Murillo is also under investigation for overpricing.  | Photo: ABI Noticias

Miami, August 8 (RHC)-- The Miami Court of Justice set for Monday the hearing of former de facto government minister Arturo Murillo, detained for a bribe payment and money laundering in the United States, confirmed the attorney general of the State, Wilfredo Chavez.

"This hearing will be held only for Murillo, since the date for the other defendants has been set for September 8, 2021", the attorney general explained in the official communiqué.

The U.S. justice apprehended the ex-authority of the de facto government of Jeanine Áñez in May of this year, after being accused of money laundering, bribery and actions against the law in the purchase of anti-riot material for Bolivia from an international company.

Murillo's hearing was supposed to take place in June, but was postponed until July, while the last date was in August this year.  The prosecutor said that he is following up "in detail" with the support of lawyers who were hired in the United States, precisely to attend the case.

In Bolivia, Murillo is also being investigated for overpricing.   The de facto government paid US$ 5,700,000 for the purchase of tear gas, but the Brazilian company Condor was paid US$ 3,300,000 for its acquisition -- a process in which the intermediary Bravo Tactical Solutions was also involved.  The economic damage to the Bolivian State was 2,300,000 dollars. 

According to U.S. authorities, three Americans allegedly paid US$602,000 in bribes to Murillo, Sergio Rodrigo Méndez and another unidentified former Bolivian official in exchange for securing a US$5,600,000 contract for the delivery of tear gas and "other non-lethal equipment" to the Bolivian Ministry of Defense.



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