Brazilian police take action against far-right coup leaders

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-05-12 12:05:53


Brazilian police take action against far-right coup leaders​​

Brasilia, May 12 (RHC)-- Brazilian Federal Police forces on Thursday began another operation against far-right groups that stormed the headquarters of the three powers in Brasilia in an attempt to force a coup against President Lula da Silva on January 8th.

The operation was concentrated in the states of Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul and Parana, where the authorities ordered 22 raids on the homes of people whose assets valued at around $8 million U$D have been blocked by the Justice.

"The operation shows that there were people with double identities: a rural producer and one who finances criminal acts," Justice Minister Flavio Dino said, adding that the investigations into the January 8 coup attempt "do not have a date to end."

On that date, far-right activists who support former President Jair Bolsonaro sought to create the conditions for the army to assume power.  After the attempted coup, 2,215 people were arrested, 300 of whom are still in prison.  The others were released but will have to answer in court.

The tweet reads> "Urgent! Audios seized by the Federal Police show the number two of Bolsonaro's Civil House, Colonel Elcio Franco, giving instructions to Major Ailton Barros for a coup.  Brazil got rid of these criminals and fascists."

The process against the coup leaders is handled by the Supreme Court, which has already accepted accusations against 550 people who must answer for various crimes against democracy and the rule of law.

Among the people investigated by the Supreme Court is Bolsonaro, who was in Florida on January 8th.  However, in the days prior to the attempted coup, he made posts on social media questioning the validity of the 2022 presidential elections.

On March 30th, the former Capitan returned to Brazil to answer to justice for his possible role in planning the January coup attempt


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