Lula affirms that Brazil is moving forward by resuming dialogue with the world

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2023-06-26 10:04:42


Lula assures that Brazil is moving forward by resuming dialogue with the world

Havana, Jun 26 (RHC) President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva affirmed that Brazil is moving forward by resuming dialogue with the world and highlighted the social advances received by the people as a result of his government's administration.

He listed various signs since he came to power on January 1 and highlighted that "we started the payment of the Bolsa Familia in June, with the highest average value in history".

Such a program reinforces the administration's commitment to promote the reduction of social inequality and ensuring the livelihood of the neediest families.

He indicated that guidelines were published for the menstrual dignity plan and distribution of absorbent pads, an initiative that aims to offer support to women in vulnerable situations, providing them with adequate conditions of hygiene and well-being.

He announced 10,000 new positions for More Doctors, a program that seeks to invigorate the health structure in the South American giant to guarantee quality care to the population, especially in the most vulnerable areas.

Likewise, Lula said "we increased to 600 reais (125 dollars) the Existential Minimum", a basic set of fundamental rights that guarantees each person a dignified life, particularly to guarantee a decent minimum wage and basic needs.

In his Sunday communication, the founder of the Workers' Party pointed out that he met this week with Pope Francis at the Vatican and heads of state "for the development of the world and the fight against inequality".

The appointment with the Supreme Pontiff was an opportunity to review the expressive convergence that characterizes the bilateral and multilateral pattern of the relationship between the parties.

During meetings with foreign leaders, the former trade unionist reinforced dialogue and international cooperation for a fairer world.

In the publication, Lula reiterated that the country is moving forward and his government is committed to retake rights for the Brazilian people. (Source: Prensa Latina)


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