Venezuelan president rejects theft of Emtrasur plane

Edited by Ed Newman
2024-02-16 12:54:26


Caracas, February 16 (RHC)-- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday expressed his rejection of the theft of the plane belonging to Empresa de Transporte Aerocargos del Sur (Emtrasur S.A.), a subsidiary of state airline Conviasa, and reiterated the call to the people for unity.

Last Monday, the Venezuelan government repudiated the theft of the Boeing 747-300 aircraft "consummated today after the collusion between the governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Argentina."

"Milei's bandit stole the plane from Venezuela. This hero of the ultra-right of the surnames stole a great plane from Venezuela, from you, the workers of Conviasa. He is the hero now, Milei, but he stole a plane from Venezuela", declared the president.

In addition, the head of state stressed that the Venezuelan people are resilient and historic, calling for "unity, working together, united in friendship and solidarity."  President Maduro also urged the Venezuelan people to join the fierce fight against bureaucratism.

"Venezuela has two enemies: U.S. imperialism that wants to turn us into a colony and that has a group of people with surnames that are Trojan horses, selling out the homeland and threatening Venezuela with new sanctions (...) and a second enemy, which is criminal bureaucracy," he said. 

On the other hand, the Executive reported on the creation of the Presidential Special Command of Government that will advance on three pillars: 1X10 of Good Government, Bricomiles and Missions and Great Missions.

"To create optimal conditions for the deployment, the Good Government plans, the work, that is why I have been setting up a Special Presidential Government Command to set in motion the components of this 2024 stage," he said.

The National Assembly (NA) of Venezuela unanimously agreed to repudiate the theft of the Emtrasur aircraft, demanding its immediate return to the South American nation.During this day's ordinary session, the first vice-president of the NA, Pedro Infante, stated that the cargo plane has a cost of approximately 83 million dollars.

"On February 12, a plane that cost 83 million dollars and belongs to the people of Venezuela took off from Argentina.They did not just steal 83 million dollars," he recalled.  He also indicated that the aircraft is one of the 57 in the country's fleet that have been sanctioned.

"Of the 57 sanctioned aircraft, they have just blatantly stolen one from us, that Emtrasur plane was used to bring in spare parts for the electricity system, for the water system, for the Caracas Metro system, for the oil industry.  With the theft of that plane they are attacking Venezuela's operational capabilities, it is part of the imperial strategy", he stressed.


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