Israel Orders Demolition of More Palestinian Homes

Edited by Ivan Martínez
2014-11-08 13:51:15


Ramallah, November 8 (RHC)-- Israel has ordered the demolition of the homes of Palestinians who have launched attacks against Israelis in recent days. According to Israeli sources, the regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered officials, during an emergency security meeting on Thursday, to raze the houses of those Palestinians who had recently carried out attacks against Israelis in East Jerusalem.

Israel's provocative measure comes two days after a Palestinian driver, who rammed his car into a train station platform in East Jerusalem, was shot dead by Israeli police.

In a similar incident in the same area on October 22nd, a Palestinian man rammed his car into a railway station. One person was killed and eight people were wounded in the incident. The Palestinian later died of injuries sustained from gunfire by Israeli troops. The Tel Aviv regime claims that the incident was deliberate, but the family of the deceased driver said it was an accident.

Tensions have flared up between Palestinians and Israelis in recent weeks following the regime's increasing restrictive measures, including banning Palestinians' entry into the al-Aqsa Mosque.

On Friday, Israel announced that only Palestinian men over 35 years of age are allowed to enter the al-Aqsa Mosque compound to perform Friday prayers. Palestinians are extremely angry at Tel Aviv's raids and restrictions, considering them as part of Israel's plan to Judaize and desecrate the holy Islamic site.


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