Brazilian President Says World Development Pact Must Be Ambitious

Edited by Ivan Martínez
2015-09-28 12:26:06


New York, September 28 (teleSUR-RHC)-- Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff told world leaders on Sunday the aspirations of the international community to address poverty and sustainability must be ambitious.

Speaking at the United Nation's Sustainable Development Summit in New York City, Dilma added that these ambitious goals should address common issues and opportunities between countries, but must also be differentiated from each nation, taking into account the reality for each nation.

Rousseff was one of over 150 world leaders at the U.N. summit, where they unveiled the new Sustainable Development Goals, a new set of goals and targets to eradicate poverty, climate change and achieve universal equality. The SDGs were created to replace the previous U.N. Millennium Development Goals, which came to an end in 2015. The new SDGs have a new target date of 2030.

The objectives of the 2030 agenda must show mankind the common path to follow in order to cope with climate change and overcome poverty, she said. 

The president cited a number of achievements made by Brazil over the years in relation to the sustainability goals, including its “huge effort” in reducing greenhouse gas emissions without reducing the economy. 

She also added that these efforts will continue. The South American country pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emission by 37 percent by 2025 and by 43 percent by 2030.

The Brazil president added that her country has made progress in other environmental areas, including reducing its rate of deforestation of the Amazon by 82 percent. She also stated a number of further commitments Brazil intents to make, such as putting an end to illegal deforestation in Brazil, increasing in reforestation of the Amazon, and a number of different initiatives including investing in renewable energy.


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