Cuba Accuses Organization American States of Endorsing Foreign Intervention in Venezuela

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2017-03-29 16:28:26


Havana, March 29 (RHC)-- Cuba has hailed Venezuela's victory at the Organization of American States (OAS), defending Latin American dignity, truth and justice.  The move comes in response to underhanded maneuvers by that regional organization and its Secretary General Luis Almagro against the Bolivarian Revolution.

A statement issued by the Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX) affirms that the Organization of American States (OAS) now confronting Venezuela is the same organization --the U.S. Ministry of Colonies-- that has traditionally endorsed aggression and military intervention against other democratically elected regional governments, while consistently maintaining silence in the face of serious violations of democracy and human rights across the hemisphere.

It mentions among others, military and parliamentary coups, forced disappearances of people, arbitrary detentions, torture, and assassinations of students, journalists, and social leaders, forced displacement caused by poverty and violence, walls, mass deportations, unequal trade, environmental pollution, drug trafficking and cultural aggressions.

“The current OAS campaign against Venezuela is undoubtedly similar to that of 1962, when Cuba was the target,” read the MINREX statement in reference to Cuba's expulsion from the organization in response to profound sovereign, people-centered transformations carried out by the then newly-born Cuban Revolution.

“The Ministry of Colonies is once again making the same mistakes,” said MINREX. It asserts that once again, the OAS has resorted to its old modus operandi, that of exerting intense pressure and extortion on a group of regional countries, including the smallest and most vulnerable so as to advance U.S. hegemony interests. “Once again, a submissive attitude is apparent on the part of those who prefer to yield rather that stand firm.”

In the statement, the Cuban Foreign Ministry described Tuesday's  meeting of the OAS' Permanent Council on Venezuela as 'foreign interference in the internal affairs of one of the organization's members in flagrant violation of Article 1 of the OAS' Charter.

The statement noted that it was impossible for Almagro to impose a sanction against Caracas at the Permanent Council, nor continue with his threats to apply the organization's Democratic Charter against the South American nation.

“It was made clear that Venezuela is not alone,” MINREX said and praised the courageous response of a group of OAS members, who stood firm in defense of Latin American and Caribbean dignity, truth, reason and justice.

The statement issued by the Cuban Foreign Ministry concluded by saying that while the OAS was meeting Tuesday in Washington to attack Venezuela, a mass rally took place in Caracas, with the Venezuelan people expressing their unwavering support for the constitutionally elected president and the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution.


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