Diaz Canel: No imperialist policy will deter Cuba

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2019-07-13 21:40:21


Havana, July 13 (RHC)-- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel delivered the closing remarks to the 3rd ordinary session of the National Parliament, which passed three laws this Saturday, and elected the National Electoral Council, among other items on its agenda, after an intense week of work for lawmakers.

The Cuban head of State urged fellow citizens to think as a country and to all of those who love the Revolution to give themselves body and soul to the service of the nation, taking greater advantage of what he described as the Revolution´s most formidable and powerful strength:  its unity.

In his address, Diaz-Canel called on all citizens to take advantage of all the opportunities that open up for the national economy, be it in the business sector, the budgeted sector or the private sector, and untie the knots that tie it up.

The president highlighted the importance of the three laws that were approved during this session of the Parliament: the electoral law, the National Symbols law and the Fisheries law, after ample consultation processes.

The Cuban leader said that Cuba perseveres despite the limitations deriving from the reinforcement of US economic blockade, subversion and campaigns to discredit its Revolution.

Diaz-Canel pointed out that the United States does not understand that 60 years of aggressions have not been able to break the Cuban Revolution. “No imperialist policy will deter Cuba” he stressed.

Today --he added-- the call to defend the nation is indispensable …. The Cuban people is a wise people and has always reacted in an intelligent fashion, following the legacy of the historical leaders of the Revolution, Fidel and Raul Castro

“Along with that anti-imperialism that we carry in our veins, resulting from the suffering inflicted upon us for more than a century by the powerful neighbor who despises and attacks us, it is also necessary to feed the socialist sentiment that the Revolution sowed in our people, in the struggle to conquer all the justice that José Martí bequeathed to us,“ he said.

As part of that thinking, he urged public officials to serve the people, keeping a permanent vigilance on people’s views, using all the tools that can warn on time “when something is missing or failing.”

In his address, the Cuban president expressed the island´s support to the Bolivarian Revolution. He also announced that he will deliver the key address of the 26th of July celebration that will be held in Granma province, and will provide feedback on the implementation of recently announced economic package that among other measures, meant a pay raise to the budgeted sector.


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