In Revolutionary Cuba, even the impossible will be possible, says Diaz-Canel

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-12-22 19:07:49


Havana, December 22 (RHC)-- With warm congratulations to the Cuban people, the President of the Caribbean island, Miguel Díaz-Canel, concluded the closing remarks of the Eighth Ordinary Session of the 9th Legislature of the Cuban Parliament.

In taking stock of what the country has experienced, the President said its response to the many problems and challenges is comparable to an Olympic or world record.

The head of State recalled that the island will be celebrating the 63rd anniversary of the Revolution in a few days. And while it is fair to celebrate having overcome a tremendous year,  he warned of the need to preserve the results obtained in the containment of the Covid-19. 

"It would be a mistake to believe that the good pandemic numbers we now have will last forever if we do not act responsibly and rationally enough," he said.

He stressed that the merit of overcoming the year s multiple challenges resides in the courage and talent of the Cuban people, the source of all those who have contributed to the creative resistance on these trying times.

"As Fidel once said, someday we will have to raise a monument to the Cuban people," he stressed.

The continuity that we are honored to represent must do its part, and it will do so.
The President noted that the island's leadership would not achieve that goal by imitating, copying, or waiting for solutions to emerge only from history. 

It is up to us to complete this monument, leaping over the US Blockade, over our limitations, difficulties, and obstacles.

The President stated that 2021 was a great school of what the island can no longer and should no longer do and what it can and should do.

He said that even the impossible will always be possible in  Cuba.


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