Cuba denounces interests behind the alleged Havana Syndrome 

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2021-05-12 20:32:24


Havana, May 12 (RHC) The deputy director of the Cuban Foreign Ministry's General Division for the United States, Johana Tablada, denounced on Wednesday the interests that lie behind the campaign around the so-called Havana Syndrome.

The official told Prensa Latina news agency that so far, it has been impossible to provide scientific evidence of high-intensity radiofrequency waves in the area where the diplomats who reported health symptoms were located.

She said that the only ones who benefit from the "theory" are the members of a minority and reactionary group of politicians desperate and willing to use any resource to try to impose and perpetuate the course of confrontation, lies, and injustice in Washington's policy against the Cuban people and Americans themselves.

Johana Tablada recalled that the group of Cuban experts in charge of the investigation on the subject explained that the most recent hypotheses are unlikely, contrary to what they are trying to make people believe through unidentified sources quoted by media outlets.

"The Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) disagreed on this possibility which is qualified as a speculation presented as one more hypothesis, not supported by arguments in the body of the published report of the U.S. Academies of Sciences," the diplomat expressed in her statements.

She pointed out that the Cuban scientific organization and national experts reject the politicization of the issue and reaffirm their call for collaboration to clarify the truth.


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