Díaz-Canel:  Let's make dreams and even the impossible possible

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-12-23 00:01:42


Havana, December 22 (RHC)-- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel called on Friday to make possible and even impossible the dream of defeating the policy of persecution and the siege imposed by the United States against the island.

In a forceful speech before the more than 400 deputies that make up the National Assembly of People's Power (Parliament), in the Second Regular Session, the president said that next January 1 the nation will celebrate the 65th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution and will do so with joy that not even the worst gales of nature or the (U.S.) empire have been able to snatch away.

We will celebrate our will of what must be changed to maintain the social conquests that the Revolution turned into rights of the people. We will celebrate our independence, our sovereignty and freedom, he stressed.

Díaz-Canel said that when the phrase "This is the Revolution" is pronounced, it summarizes 65 years of heroic creation and always thinks first of health and education.

These are two arms of the immense work on which we raise against all odds the ideal of a nation, which has at the center of its concerns and worries the human being and will always have it because the Revolution will always exist, which is what it was made for, he remarked.

In another moment of his speech, the president ratified that this is the Revolution of Fidel and Raúl Castro, of the heroic generation of the centenary of the Apostle (José Martí), whose ideas continue to guide us and it is also, he said, the generation of all of us who are here to carry out the will of this dignified and rebellious people that we are honored to represent.

In his remarks to the Parliament, the President addressed the historic leader of the Revolution, Raúl Castro, who was present in the hall. You have told us many times that it is possible and we will do it," he reaffirmed.

This is the Revolution, that of your worthy Cuban people, the will to work, the eagerness to advance and the deep conviction that we are going to win, concluded the president.


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