Havana celebrates the 64th anniversary of the passage of the Freedom Caravan

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2023-01-08 09:29:17


Havana's capital city residents commemorate the 64th anniversary of the Freedom Caravan.

Havana, Cuba, January 8 (RHC) A representation of young people and residents of the capital city received this Sunday the Caravan of Freedom, on the 64th anniversary of the victorious entry of the Rebel Army led by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.


Just like that historic morning of January 8, 1959, the re-enactment of the arrival of the caravan took place in the municipality of Cotorro and passed through central avenues such as Malecon and 23rd Avenue until concluding the tour in Ciudad Libertad, the former Columbia Military Camp, where Fidel addressed the nation.


For weeks, similar acts have been carried out in the country to evoke the event that constituted one of the first points of contact between the new leadership that assumed power and the people.


In Havana, Fidel spoke to the people several times, met with artists during his visit to the current headquarters of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, and finally took possession of the Columbia Barracks, today transformed into the Libertad School City.


This event marked the end of the insurrectionary period of the Cuban Revolution that led to the flight of dictator Fulgencio Batista and the beginning of a stage of consolidation of the national liberation movement to abolish the corrupt and repressive dictatorship and establish a new order.


From that moment on, as Fidel himself pointed out, everything would be more difficult (Source: ACN-PL).


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