National Revolutionary Police celebrates its 64th anniversary

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2023-01-05 10:43:42


National Revolutionary Police celebrates its 64th anniversary

Havana, January 5 (RHC) On January 5, 1959, a few days after the Triumph of the Revolution, the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) was officially constituted, a firm step in the construction of the popular triumph, since the armed victory was not enough to defend the freedom of the country.
For 64 years, the National Revolutionary Police has been an exemplary body, against crime, counterrevolution, and social indiscipline; in favor of internal order, tranquility in the streets, and family peace.
Coexisting as a neighbor of the most powerful Government in the world has made the Island feel its threat and siege all the time.  The war that they have not been able to win by force, they have paid –and well paid– to make it burst from the streets of the archipelago.
The disbelievers, go to Girón and review the names of the first who came to stop an army of mercenaries. Then ask about those who gave their blood against crime.
There have been many heroes in its ranks, they patrol the streets, ensure road safety, impose order where the provocateurs appear, and as a shield, carry the principles and values ​​of the Revolution.
This condition has kept the PNR at the exact height that Fidel defined it: "All this colossal social force, all this moral force that we have, needs the best police in the world, the most organized, the most prepared, the most motivated", the most conscious and at the same time the most human». (Source: Granma newspaper)


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