Results of the dynamic test in Cuba are very positive

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-03-19 23:33:46


Commitment, responsibility and sense of belonging predominated among those involved.
Photo: Archivo/Cubasí

Havana, March 19 (RHC)-- Authorities of Cuba's National Electoral Council (CEN) evaluated as very positive the results of the dynamic test carried out this Sunday, throughout the country, as a step prior to the elections of deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power, to be held next March 26th.

The president of the CEN, Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez assured in a press conference at the headquarters of that organization, that these actions constitute an exercise of verification of the existing conditions in the 23,468 polling stations, which will hold the voting with the required organization and discipline.

He explained that the process also corroborated the security, communications and training of the electoral authorities in charge of ensuring the transparency and quality of the elections, actions which, in his opinion, have been worked on with special emphasis.

The official said that based on the results obtained and the main problems reported, more efficient transportation, communications, supervision and insurance plans can be assumed according to the characteristics of each territory.

She clarified that incidences were reported in only 1% of the premises, which were difficulties with keys for the opening and access to the designated sites, absences of some electoral authorities, failures in electricity and lighting in the schools, telephones, switches and other specific problems, most of which were solved during the course of the test.

Balseiro Gutiérrez highlighted the commitment, responsibility and sense of belonging of those involved and the security of developing the elections with the transparency and adherence to legality that characterizes them.

In recent statements, the president of the CEN said that voting in the largest Antillean island is an event of the people, in which more than 200 thousand people, vested with electoral authority, intervene.

She referred, on that occasion to the importance of exercising the right to vote and to do it by the place of their residence.

"If this is not possible for justified reasons, it can be done where you are on the day of the voting, in the special polling stations created for this purpose or in the closest one to the place where you are, as long as you accredit your condition of voter and declare that you are registered in the Electoral Registry", he added.


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