French personalities support petition against the blockade of Cuba

Edited by Beatriz Montes de Oca
2023-04-27 10:43:20


French personalities support petition against the blockade of Cuba


Havana, Apr 27 (RHC) - French political and union leaders, parliamentarians, elected authorities, academics and artists signed a petition launched by the Cuba Coopération France (CubaCoop) association against the blockade imposed by the United States on the island.

The document denounces Washington’s economic, commercial and financial siege of Cuba, and calls on people to demand the European Union (EU) to assume its responsibilities and face the US extraterritorial policy.

CubaCoop, the State Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Spain, the Italy-Cuba National Friendship Association and the Swedish-Cuban Solidarity Association delivered a petition to the European Parliament on January 8 for the execution of immediate actions against the blockade.

In this sense, they demanded concrete measures to neutralize the extraterritorial impact of the siege, translated into the siege and sanctions against European banks, companies and citizens that maintain ties with the Caribbean nation.

That call found the support of thousands of people in Europe, America and other parts of the world. The signatories asked the EU to materialize the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, signed with Cuba in 2016, and the commitment of the bloc of 27 member states to defend their interests in the face of Washington's aggressiveness.

The list includes more than 20 personalities, including Fabien Roussel, national secretary of the French Communist Party; parliamentarians André Chassaigne, Rodrigo Arénas and Jeremy Bacchi; mayors François Asensi and Pierre Bell-Lloch; union leader Laurent Brun; among others. (Source: Prensa Latina)


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