Cuban police affirm there is no impunity for crimes

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2023-06-27 09:16:45


Cuban police assure that there is no impunity for crime in Cuba

Havana, Jun 27 (RHC) There is no impunity for criminal acts in Cuba, officials from the National Revolutionary Police and other criminal investigation organizations said during an interview on the Cuban News Television Channel.

Law enforcement officials denied the veracity of alleged violent acts spread on social networks, including armed assaults on buses and hospitals, as well as assaults and kidnapping of children, for which they blamed the media warfare promoted from abroad, seeking to give Cuba the image of a failed state.

According to Colonel Hugo Morales, chief of the Patrol Brigade, of the General Management of the National Revolutionary Police, some people post information on social networks without verifying it in an unscrupulous manner to generate panic among the population.

Colonel Manuel Valdés, head of the Crime Fighting Body of the Technical Department of Investigations, pointed out that all the reported criminal acts that take place in Cuba are investigated, and most of the cases have had a quick response and ended up with the arrest of the perpetrators within 48 hours. According to him, more than 90 percent of the crimes involving the use of firearms are solved, as well as 98 percent of those that result in the death of a person, and these do not have an expiration period, therefore the inquiries do not stop until solved.

Regarding the allegations of impunity, Colonel Morales pointed out that they are false, and assured that the Police forces work together with the population in providing protection and security guarantees to citizens by permanently strengthening the surveillance and patrol system.

In the case of Cuba, there is no impunity because all complaints are received regardless of the seriousness of the act, and all departments of the Ministry of the Interior work in coordination to clear up criminal acts and find the offenders, with a high percentage of effectiveness, the interviewees on the Cuban News Channel stated. (Source: Prensa Latina)


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