President of the Cuban Parliament participates in the Boyeros Municipal Assembly

Edited by Ed Newman
2023-08-06 00:36:41


Photo: @gobhabana

Havana, August 6 (RHC) -- With the presence of the president of the Cuban Parliament, Esteban Lazo, the sixth ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power of Boyeros, in Havana, was held this Saturday.

The meeting analyzed issues such as the quarterly review carried out by the Municipal Administration Council on the voters' proposals, the execution of the Economy Plan and the Budget for 2023 and the assessment on the First Integrated nCommunity Work Workshop, the Assembly reported on its website.

Those present evaluated the report of the Administration Council on the preliminary draft of the State Budget for the 2024 fiscal year and were informed about the restructuring of the Nuevo Santiago and Wajay popular councils.

The parliamentary representative highlighted the participatory nature of the discussion of the draft bill as well as its study and debate by the delegates with a view to strengthening it.

Lazo expressed the importance that the budget analysis takes as a starting point how much the municipality is going to earn based on its productive potentialities in the different sectors.

This budget discussion exercise is a process of transcendental importance for the municipalities and for the country, since the nation's economic and productive base is in the territories, he said.

During his speech, he highlighted the role of the delegates of the People's Power, whom he described as heroes of the neighborhoods and communities.

During the session, it was reported that during this mandate, five thousand 537 proposals were formulated and three thousand 351 of them were solved, three thousand 321 were accumulated from the three accountability processes and one thousand 847 were solved, while two thousand 216 were accumulated by office.


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