Cuban singer Omara Portuondo set to begin world tour

Edited by Damian Donestevez
2019-04-02 14:20:36

Singer Omara Portuondo: the Diva of the 'Buena Vista Social Club'

Havana, April 2 (RHC)—Renowned Cuban singer Omara Portuondo will begin a world tour in April that will take her to the United States and Europe on its first stage.

At a Havana news conference, Portuondo said that the tour named ‘Omara is Cuba’, is scheduled to start April 19 at the Regent Theater in L.A. and includes concerts in New York York, Chicago, the Netherlands, Hungary, Singapore, South Korea, Canada, France and other countries, where she’ll perform for the first time.

In November, Portuondo, who is also known as the Diva of the ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ or ‘ la Novia del feeling’, is scheduled to travel to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay as part of the tour, that is set to wind up 2020 with a big concert in Cuba. The end of the tour in the Caribbean nation will also include the performance of renowned Cuban pianist and jazz musician Roberto Fonseca, percussionist Andrés Coayo, battery player Ruly Herrera and bassist Yandy Martínez.

Omara’s repertoire includes classics, such as hits of the Buena Vista Social Club, an all-star project in which Portuondo was the lead voice from its establishment in 1997. The 88 year-old singer is one of Cuba’s most successful and popular performers on the Caribbean island with 30 albums. A National Music Award laureate for 2006 also won a Latin Grammy for Best Contemporary Tropical Album in 2009 with her CD Gracias (Thanks).


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