Havana’s International Film Festival around the corner

The Cuban capital will host the International New Latin American Film Festival from December 4th through 14th with an homage to late Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.

The long-awaited festival will open with the first digital screening in Cuba of the Argentinian film Relatos Salvajes, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, which bought a DSI projector with 4k resolution, which will be used at the Karl Marx opening on December 4th.

A donation by Venezuela will allow festival organizers to use a 6 by 6 mobile screen for 12 presentations in different Havana municipalities. The first screening will be held in Old Havana on December 5th, followed by presentations in other municipalities, such as San Miguel del Padrón, Regla, Cerro, La Lisa, Habana del Este, and others. More than one thousand 600 entries were received by the organizing committee, who chose 478; out of which 116 are competing for the coveted Coral Awards.

The Cuban film industry will be highlighted during the festival with the screening of four movies, three of which will be premiered. Retrospectives of Spanish and German cinema will also be part of the festival, as well as a sample of animated Japanese films. Another option on the gathering’s agenda: the screening of contemporary Puerto Rican documentaries and an African American independent film sample, featuring movies from 1910 to the 1950’s

Edited by Damian Donestevez


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