EU officials wary as British prime minister unveils Brexit plan

London, October 4 (RHC)-- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled his long-awaited plan to leave the European Union, claiming the United Kingdom is prepared for a no-deal Brexit.  Under Johnson’s plan, Northern Ireland would leave the EU Customs Union in 2021 along with the rest of the U.K. but could keep its free-flowing border with the Irish Republic by maintaining EU trade rules. 

Johnson outlined his plan at a conference of his ruling Conservative Party.  He told the audience: "This is not an anti-European party.  This is not an anti-European country.  We are European.  We love Europe.  I love Europe, anyway.  I love it.”

In Brussels, the head of the European Parliament’s steering committee on Brexit, Philippe Lamberts, called Johnson’s plan “inconsistent” and warned that a disastrous no-deal Brexit is looming.  Lamberts said: “He claims to love Europe, to embrace Europe — by leaving it. Come on. How can this be serious?  So what we are confronted with is a nationalist.”

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said that the prime minister would seek to suspend Parliament again — from October 8 to 14 — ahead of the October 31 deadline for Britain to leave the EU.


Edited by Ed Newman


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