Cuban President Raul Castro Sends Letter of Acknowledgement to Doctors Who Fought Ebola

Havana, July 10 (RHC) –- Cuban President Raul Castro sent the doctors who assisted Ebola patients in Africa a letter of acknowledgement for the altruism and courage they exhibited during that humanitarian mission.

In his letter, the Cuban president said the nation was proud of those men and women that fulfilled the honorable mission in West Africa six months ago. even at risk of their own lives.

“On behalf of the Cuban people and my own, I convey this recognition for the heroic work you have carried out as part of the Henry Reeve International Contingent,” Raul wrote.

He said that the health workers were heirs of the altruism and unselfishness that has characterized Cuban medical cooperation since it began in 1963, with the first brigade of doctors that went to Algeria.

The Cuban president said that through all these years, 158 nations have counted on the supportive work of 322 thousand 710 Cuban health specialists.

Cuban medicine is now present in 68 countries with over 50 thousand professionals; a reality that demonstrates the genuine values of the Cuban Revolution, Raul noted, and added that the assistance given by each Cuban worker rises as an outstanding example.

Raul said that the results achieved by the doctors who went to West Africa were important, since they saved over 400 lives, which proves their high qualifications and commitment, and have been recognized by other governments and international organizations.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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