Cuba opens doors

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2022-11-28 09:27:06


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By Roberto Morejón

Cuba took a message about its reality, intense and complex, to four countries, Algeria, Russia, Turkey and China, where President Miguel Diaz-Canel found receptivity, to the point of highlighting the understanding shown by the highest leaders.

An example of this is Cuba's agreement with the four States for the restructuring of the debt, the provision and opening of payment facilities and thus not delaying projects already agreed upon.

The Head of State deployed in the four nations intense and organized working days, with encouraging results.

In addition to strengthening ties in the four capitals, in China the Cuban delegation was the object of a new manifestation of warmth, because in the opinion of President Xi Jinping, bilateral relations represent "an exemplary case of solidarity and cooperation".

In the opinion of the Chinese dignitary, both nations are at a historic new starting point.

Among the 12 agreements signed by representatives of both countries, the one on cooperation in the Silk Road and Belt Initiative, a gigantic project involving a large part of Humanity, stood out.

In Turkey, the news that thanks to the talks held between Díaz-Canel and his counterpart Recep Tayiv Erdogan, bilateral trade could exceed 200 million dollars a year stood out.

In Russia, the good news about growing exchanges were repeated, since in addition to being outlined in the talks between Díaz-Canel and his counterpart Vladimir Putin, they were complemented in a previous session of the intergovernmental commission.

The modernization of Antillana de Acero, the rehabilitation of a mechanical industry and the use of innovative techniques in an oil field and a truck maintenance plant are already underway in Cuba.

Previously, Díaz-Canel arrived in Algeria, whose president, Abdelmajid Tebboune, asked the guest to consider the North African country as his second homeland.

Tebboune spoke of the cancellation of interest and the rescheduling of Cuba's debt, the supply of a photovoltaic and fuel plant, as well as joint ventures in health, science, education and culture.

In the balance of the intense tour of Algeria, Russia, Turkey and China, the emphasis of the Cuban dignitary with his interlocutors to count on the presence of investors of those nationalities stands out.

Very close friends reaffirmed that Cuba is not alone in difficult circumstances due to the U.S. blockade, the expenses in the fight against Covid-19 and the international crisis caused by high prices of food and raw materials.

President Díaz-Canel said before starting the trip that the his visits were aimed at opening doors and opportunities for the beleaguered Cuban economy, and the purpose was fulfilled. 


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