Children’s book launched at Havana’s International Book Fair

Editora Abril or Abril publishing house launched a book of short stories by children’s book writer Enrique Pérez.

The event took place at the Havana based José Martí Cultural Society as part of the schedule of the International Book Fair, Cuba 2014, currently underway on the island. Editora Abril invaded the fair with the dinosaurs that are the protagonists of Pérez’s book Los dragones que un día… (The dragons that once…)

Enrique Pérez says he sees dragons everywhere, describes them and creates stories about them. The dragons that once … is a book illustrated by Lieng-Sut Joó Lledó that includes short stories, such as Abelardo siempreverde (Abelardo evergreen), La bobona and el dragón verde (the Green dragon), Tristón (the sad dragon), El dragoncito descontento (the unhappy dragon), La rosa y el dragón (the rose and the dragon). 

Full of adventures, messages of love and friendship, the book offers an infinite divertimento. Enrique Pérez is the director of the Gente Nueva Publishing House.
The largest issues of Cuban publishing houses are children’s books, evidence of which is the fact that the International Book Fair Cuba 2014 is dedicated to one of Cuba’s best children’s writers, Nersys Felipe and the number of copies of children’s books being sold at the cultural event.  

Edited by Damian Donestevez


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