Liuba María Hevia and Ivette Cepeda release music video for ‘Agosto bajo la piel’

Edited by Lena Valverde Jordi
2021-04-02 18:23:27


Liuba María Hevia and Ivette Cepeda release 'Agosto bajo la piel'

Havana, March 31 (RHC)-- Cuban singer-songwriter Liuba María Hevia has just released a new music video for the tune ‘Agosto bajo la piel’, which she sings as a duet with renowned singer Ivette Cepeda.

‘Agosto bajo la piel’ is included in Liuba’s latest album entitled ‘Vidas paralelas’. Liuba thanked Ivette Cepeda for her collaboration, describing her as ‘a woman with unforgettable voice and soul’.

This latest release on the YouTube channel of Liuba María Hevia is added to the release earlier this year of two other music videos for the tunes “Con los hilos de la Luna”, featuring Colombian singer Marta Gómez, and “Tantas vida”, featuring Cuban Kelvis Ochoa. Both tunes are also included in ‘Vidas paralelas.’

The release of the music videos is part of the campaign to promote the latest production of Liuba María Hevia.

The album includes also the tunes ‘Tan lejos’ feat. Israel Rojas, “Pasaba un ángel”, featuring Dominican singer Maridalia Hernández, “Se busca”, featuring Polito Ibañez and “Luna de abril”, featuring Luna Manzanares.

In statements to Cuban National news, Liuba María Hevia commented that she is working on a new musical production entitled Besos de Café, which should be concluded by this year’s end.

She said also that she is preparing the release under Bis Music label of a new children’s music album entitled ‘Liuba canta a Gabilondo Soler’, with versions of works by the renowned Mexican artist. This children’s music album is the third and final work of a trilogy that includes also the CDs ‘Liuba canta a Teresita’ and ‘Liuba canta a Maria Elena Walsh’.


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