Wifredo Lam Art Center hosts new solo exhibition

Edited by Catherin López
2023-08-19 09:39:14


Personal exhibition "Like circles in the water", by plastic artist Felipe Dulzaides.


Havana, Aug 19 (RHC) The Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, located in Havana's Historic Center, inaugurated the personal exhibition "Like circles in the water", by plastic artist Felipe Dulzaides.


The exhibition brings together in the same space the work of the creator, from his beginnings as a student to the present time, in some sort of anthology that shows the entire journey of the artist "with talent and high creative level," said the organizers of the exhibition.


These works by Dulzaides refer to a cycle, in which the discourses travel from the past to the present in a rereading of times, finding and weaving answers from an origin that delineates a style, a feeling and a path, they detailed.


It is a search for poetry, keys to a language that is simple and subtle in its form, but complex and sharp in its content.


Through photography and video, as well as through objects, drawings and paintings, the framework of a cartography of life is completed, with micro-stories that translate a difficult reality, such as the phenomenon of emigration, the departure, or the return, the return to an identity that at times is lost and ambiguous, they said.


Dulzaides' career fluctuates organically between different genres and contexts, as does his life.


From a transcultural perspective, he has been developing a prolific body of work for many years that includes the art of the image through photography, video, drawing, installations, sculptures and public art.


His work has been exhibited in important biennials, contemporary art museums, galleries and urban spaces. Dulzaides has received prestigious awards and grants, including the Rome Prize.


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