Dina Boluarte declares state of emergency in Peru

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-12-14 20:42:39


Peruvian president Dina Boluarte declares state of emergency in Peru

Lima, December 14 (RHC)-- Seeking to contain the massive protests triggered by the removal of Pedro Castillo, President Dina Boluarte on Wednesday declared a 30-day state of emergency throughout the country.

Her decision implies the suspension of constitutional rights related to freedom of assembly, inviolability of the home, and freedom of transit, among others.  Her administration could also decree a curfew, once it defines the legal norms to support such a decision.

Defense Minister Alberto Otarola justified the state of emergency arguing that the measure was intended to contain the blocking of roads, the occupation of streets, and other "vandalism and violent acts, which are already being controlled by the Police and the Armed Forces."

"Authority and a forceful response from the government are required," he stressed at a brief press conference held in the courtyard of the Government headquarters in Lima, where a meeting of the Council of Ministers was also taking place.

On Tuesday, Boluarte met with the U.S. Ambassador to Peru Lisa Kenna, who reiterated her "country's full support for democratic institutions and for the constitutional government's actions to stabilize the social situation," the Peruvian Presidency acknowledged.

Since the weekend, Peruvians have been firmly protesting against President Dina Boluarte and requesting the closure of Congress, the holding of early general elections, and the release of Pedro Castillo. So far the repression has left 8 dead and dozens injured.

The declaration of a state of emergency coincides with the day the former Peruvian president was supposed to be released from his seven-day pretrial detention.  On Wednesday, however, a judge decided to keep him in jail for an additional 48 hours while he studies the request submitted by a prosecutor to jail Castillo for 18 months.


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