President Nicolas Maduro affirms that peace will prevail in Venezuela

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2024-03-23 03:25:11


President Maduro was in the community of Catia, in Caracas, where the people n greeted him with cheers and shouts of "Nico, Nico, Nico!". | Photo: @NicolasMaduroo 

Caracas, March 23 (RHC)-- Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro assured this Friday that peace will triumph in the country in the face of new stabilization attempts promoted by extreme right-wing factors.

"I tell you that we have won peace, I have guaranteed peace, right? Well, before, during and after the electoral process we have on July 28, we will continue winning peace", said the head of state during a day of integral attention to women in Caracas, the capital.  "I will continue guaranteeing this country peace, stability, tranquility, economic and social recovery. Together with the people, together with women, always united, I guarantee it," he added.

President Maduro also reiterated that the extreme right continues to call for sanctions against the Venezuelan people.  "All the Venezuelan people know who asked for sanctions and are asking for new sanctions, to the last names that are asking for new sanctions, to Capriles, Machado, Leopoldo López and Julio Borges, I tell you, on behalf of the Venezuelan people, ask for whatever you want but you will never come back," he said.

During the activity, the Venezuelan Head of State alerted the citizens about the plans that seek to impose again a neoliberal government in the country.  "We will move forward economically and socially, no one will be able to stop our march towards the future, no one will be able to stop Venezuela", he pointed out.

Within the framework of the day of integral attention to women, President Maduro presented the health balance of the social program Gran Misión Venezuela Mujeres.
In this sense, President Maduro pointed out that in the country the Government has reinforced projects for the prevention of early pregnancies, as well as education for postpartum women in breastfeeding rooms.

President Maduro was this Friday in the community of Catia, in Caracas, where the population received him with a cheerful welcome and the shout of "Nico, Nico, Nico!

According to a press release from the Presidency, the people crowded on Sucre Avenue, which connects to the Catia sector, to be closer to the head of state.

President Nicolás Maduro shook hands with each person who approached him.  The Presidency recalled that in recent weeks, the President of the Republic has toured different states of the country, "characterized by the overflow of joy and fervent love of the revolutionary and Bolivarian people for the driver of victories".


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