London's Mayor 'Exception' to Donald Trump's Proposed Muslim Ban

London's newly-elected Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan

London, May 10 (RHC)-- U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says his proposed ban on Muslims from entering the United States might not apply to London's newly-elected Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan.  Responding to a question about restricting entry to London's new mayor, Trump said: "There will always be exceptions."

Trump made his controversial proposal to ban Muslims from the United States after the Daesh-claimed attacks in Paris killed more than 130 people in November last year.  Prior to that, he had proposed a national database to keep track on Muslims while calling for all mosques in the U.S. to be shut down.

Sadiq Khan, a Labour politician and the son of a Pakistani immigrant bus driver, scored a landslide victory against his Tory rival Zac Goldsmith.  Shortly after being declared as a mayor, Khan accused Goldsmith and his firm ally, British Prime Minister David Cameron, of borrowing tactics from Trump's "playbook" to incite ethnic divide and stop him from winning the mayoral election.

Goldsmith had accused Khan of "pandering to extremists" and providing them "oxygen."  Cameron backed those accusations, saying Khan was linked to extremists and "terror sympathizers."

In an interview granted in London, the new mayor said he plans to visit the U.S. before January, just in case he will not be allowed into the country if Donald Trump wins the November elections. 

Edited by Pavel Jacomino


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