Washington, October 30 (RHC)-- Victims of a U.S. assassination drone strike in Pakistan have briefed the U.S. Congress about the attack, which left one family member dead. ... More

Santiago, Oct 30 (RHC), -- Michelle Bachelet, Chile's left-leaning opposition presidential candidate and ex-President, is touted to win the Nov. 17 election in the first round. ... More

Lima, Oct 30 (RHC), -- Juan Jimenez Mayor, the Prime Minister of Peru, revealed on Tuesday that he intends to resign and that he will be replaced by Cesar Villanueva Arevalo, president of the northern San Martin region.... More

Buenos Aires, Oct 30, (RHC), – Argentina vowed to consolidate its relation with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), stressing its keenness to develop new areas of integration with the Caribbean under the paradigm of south-south cooperation.... More

Tel Aviv, October 30 (RHC)-- Israel has freed the second of four batches of 26 Palestinian prisoners, as part of a deal for the resumption of so-called peace talks with the Palestinian Authority, the PA.... More

Madrid, October 30 (RHC)-- Spanish students have taken to the streets of the capital, Madrid, to protest against government spending cutbacks affecting education. ... More

Ramallah, October 30 (RHC)-- Israeli bulldozers have demolished the home of a Palestinian family in the north of the occupied West Bank. On Tuesday, a number of Palestinian and international peace activists tried to prevent Israeli authorities from the demolition. Israeli force clashed with the peace activists and arrested at least one foreigner.... More

Washington, October 30 (RHC)-- The Barack Obama administration is asking the U.S. Congress to hold off on new sanctions against Iran. At a White House meeting, top officials asked for the continued delay of a Senate Banking Committee measure targeting Iranian oil. ... More

Mogadishu, October 30 (RHC)-- A U.S. drone strike in Somalia has left at least two people dead. ... More

Washington, October 29 (RHC)-- The White House says the United States should collect information, rejecting strong global criticisms over Washington’s eavesdropping of world leaders’ phone conversations. ... More

Moscow, October 29 (RHC) -- Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin today in Moscow. The leaders are to discuss cooperation in the trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian spheres.... More

United Nations, October 29 (RHC)-- United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said Syria is likely to meet the deadline in dismantling its chemical arsenal. On Monday, the UN chief told reporters: “The functional destruction of the declared capacity of the Syrian Arab Republic is expected to be completed as planned by November 1st.” ... More

Asunción, October 29 (RHC) – On Monday, thousands of Paraguayan workers took to the streets in the capital, Asunción, to protest against a bill that aims at privatizing key public services. ... More

Caracas, October 29 (RHC) -- Housing Minister Ricardo Molina has said that as part of the Venezuelan government's social program, 4,200 homeless Venezuelan families will be given a new house by the year’s end. ... More

Kabul, October 29 (RHC)-- At least one person has been killed in a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan's western province of Nimruz, according to official sources in Kabul. The attack reportedly took place in the town of Khash Rod.... More