Cuban and U.S. Surgeons Meet for the First Time in Havana

Edited by Pavel Jacomino
2016-11-15 21:26:48


Havana, November 15 (RHC-ACN)-- For the first time, Havana will host a bilateral meeting between U.S. and Cuban doctors and surgeons November 16-18 to address issues like treating patients at the island health centers. 
The meeting, sponsored by the Council of Scientific Societies, is considered recognition of the Cuban public health system, said international relations official with the Cuban Surgery Society Eduardo Molina, as cited by Cuban media outlets. 
Some 15 members of the US International Board of Surgery and Medicine will attend the meeting.  The U.S. entity is a non-government organization grouping all medical and paramedical specialties in that country. 
According to Molina, one of the major topics on the meeting´s agenda is the accreditation of international medical services, which includes the proposal that patients be sent to Cuba for treatment. 
Since Cuba and the United States reestablished diplomatic relations and started a process to normalize links, actions have taken place in the field of health. In October, the US Health Secretary Sylvia Burwell visited the island for the signing of a MOU to cooperate in the struggle against Cancer. 
Previously, representatives of the US Department of Health and Human Services took part for the first time at the Cuba Salud Forum and this boosted further bilateral contacts. 
In June this year, Cuban Health Minister Roberto Morales visited Washington on the invitation of Burwell. Both officials signed a MOU to collaborate in the fight of non-transmissible diseases, as well as in the treatment of Zika, Dengue, Chinkungunya and Yellow Fever, and of non-chronic diseases. 

In February this year, 13 U.S. pediatricians from Colorado held an exchange here with their Cuban counterparts in Havana. The forum focused on chronic health conditions of babies and the development of the first childhood stages, among other issues. 


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