Cuba strongly rejects partial application of Title III of Helms-Burton Act

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2019-03-04 15:51:50

Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla

Havana, March 4 (RHC)-- Cuban foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, strongly rejected the announcement made by the US State Department that Washington will allow lawsuits under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act.

In a press release issued Monday morning, the State Department said the Trump Administration would suspend the application of Title III for an additional 30 days, with the exception of State Department ‘s List of Restricted Entities associated with Cuba, beginning March 19

Observers perceive the step as part of administration’s pressure on Havana because of its support of the democratically elected Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro.

“I strongly reject #US State Department announcement to allow lawsuits under Title III of Helms-Burton Act against list of Cuban companies arbitrarily sanctioned by Trump administration. Thirty-day waiver granted for all other cases is unacceptable threat against the world | #Cuba", Foreign Minister Rodriguez said on his twitter account.

In another tweet, Cuba’s top diplomat described the announced measure as a hostile and irresponsible act, which seeks to reinforce the blockade and suffocate the island’s economy.

He recalled that the US blockade has had the overwhelming rejection of the world and numerous people within the United States.

The Helms Burton Law was passed by US Congress in 1996, and Title III of the law allows U.S. citizens to sue foreign companies and individuals over properties confiscated from them during the early years of the Revolution.

SInce the law’s enactment, consecutive administrations have waived the implementation of Tittle III every six months, arguing that allowing such lawsuits would snarl companies from U.S.-allied countries in years of complicated litigation that could promt international trade claims against Washington.




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