WHO Representative in Havana Praises Cuba's Measures to Confront COVID-19

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2020-04-08 07:29:42


Havana, April 8 (RHC)-- The representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Cuba, Jose Moya, weighed up the successful measures taken by the island in the fight against COVID-19.

At a press conference held Tuesday on the occasion of C, Moya stressed that in Cuba, he appreciates a very important element, and that is keeping informed the population of what is happening with the pandemic inside and outside the nation.

"I believe that Cuba has implemented a set of very good measures, including the social isolation of suspected cases and of travelers who return from abroad, in addition to the closure of schools and universities," he said.

He stressed that social distancing is vital in the battle to confront the new coronavirus and that on the island, he sees that people have gained awareness of the need to stay in their homes, and only leave when there is no other alternative.

Moya praised the extraordinary work routinely done by nurses in Cuba, and more so now in the current health contingency, the Cuban News Agency noted.

He recalled that WHO is dedicating special recognition this year to nurses around the world for their efforts and selfless work in providing their valuable services.

He acknowledged the extraordinary work carried out by the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), which he described as a center of reference not only in Cuba but also internationally.


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