Havana intensifies measures to confront COVID-19 peak

Edited by Ed Newman
2020-05-04 22:54:16


Havana, May 4 (RHC)-- Leaders of the Communist Party and the government of Havana are preparing to face the peak of COVID-19, predicted in Cuba this week.  That is why at the meeting of the Provincial Defense Council on Monday, the measures to be followed for the care in hospitals and the assurance of other basic services in the current stage were analyzed.

Luis Antonio Torres, First Secretary of the Communist Party in Havana, reported that in the capital, under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Health -- MINSAP -- more extraordinary measures will be implemented both in the epidemiological and clinical fields.

The aim is for these indications is to contribute to working more efficiently from a technical point of view to be able to respond to any of the three behavioural prognoses of the disease in the country, he explained.

For this stage, it is essential to emphasize compliance with social isolation as well as maintaining a constant alert to avoid any complications in centers with vulnerable groups.

Carlos Alberto Martínez, provincial director of health, said that a study is being carried out to calculate the real need for diagnostic means that will be required during the peak of the epidemic, to guarantee their availability.

During the meeting, it was also reported that there are currently 150 students in their fifth year of medical school in Havana, who are willing and able to work the low-risk hospitals that treat patients with COVID-19.  This would allow specialists in Integral General Medicine to be transferred to the new centers that are opening in the city.

The importance of hospitals and centers with confirmed cases complying with all the protocols for the discharge of those who overcome the disease was also emphasized, thus ensuring the availability of beds as soon as possible.

Torres Iribar stressed that even today, the number of infected people detected in Havana is higher than the number of patients who are discharged and we must work hard to reverse this situation.

The means of protection for the health personnel are guaranteed, as well as the necessary hypochlorite in the different facilities.  In addition, by the end of this week it is expected that the indispensable bottles of Prevengho Vir. will have been delivered to the polyclinics of the city to continue with the planned distribution.


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