Cuba rejects accusations against Nicaragua on human rights issues

Edited by Catherin López
2022-12-17 16:24:35


Photo: Cubaminrex

Havana, Dec 17 (RHC) Cuba's ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Juan Antonio Quintanilla, denounced and condemned at the Human Rights Council the manipulation of the issue and its use as a weapon to attack Nicaragua.


Speaking at an interactive dialogue on human rights in the Central American country, the diplomat rejected the politicization and illegitimate use of United Nations bodies and mechanisms to manipulate the internal situation in Nicaragua, damage its international image and deploy continuous hostile actions against it.


According to Prensa Latina, the Cuban diplomat said that the UN should vigorously demand from the U.S. government and some of its allies the immediate elimination of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Nicaragua.


"Cuba ratifies its unconditional support to the Sandinista government and the people of Nicaragua in its purposes of justice, welfare, and social emancipation", he affirmed in the forum, in which the Central American nation was accused of human rights violations with data and a report that Managua considers biased and without truthful basis.


In this sense, the Cuban ambassador repudiated the socioeconomic consequences of these sanctions and recognized Managua for its peace efforts and preservation of the rule of law, democracy, sovereignty, and national unity.


Likewise, the Nicaraguan delegation rejected the unilateral and biased manner used by the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UN) with a message transmitted in said mechanism.


The report of the Nicaraguan Executive reiterated its respect to the International Community and added that they have not been a threat, and they will not be a menace to any country in the world. (Source: Granma)


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