President shares cultural priorities with Cuban intellectuals

Edited by Catherin López
2023-02-22 20:34:26


Havana, Feb 22 (RHC) The main challenges facing national culture today were addressed in a meeting of the leadership of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), with the President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel.

In the exchange, the highest representatives of UNEAC in all the country’s territories, as well as the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Culture, headed by Alpídio Alonso participated.

The president of UNEAC, Luis Morlote, highlighted the representativeness of each province of the Caribbean Island in the analysis of compliance with the agreements of its 9th Congress.

In various interventions, the intellectuals considered the organization’s recent growth process as the most important and strategic in recent decades.

One of its vice presidents, the actress, and teacher Corina Mestre, considered the number of young people incorporated to be very encouraging.

Among the issues addressed was the concern for the ravages of cultural colonization. In this regard, the journalist Pedro de la Hoz, vice president of the organization at the national level, called for a cultural substance to be filled in terms of creative resistance, for which he demanded coherence and systematicity from the media, which is entrusted with entertaining too, but with culture.

After the exchange, the Cuban president affirmed that if someone simplified or ignored the commitment that the artistic vanguard had to the Revolution, he would think that in a difficult moment like this, the meetings held would be about demands and they were quite the opposite.

Likewise, he recalled the role of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, as a visionary of those defining relationships between artists and intellectuals and the Revolution.  (Source: PL)



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