Happy Birthday, Paulo Freire!

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2021-09-13 19:37:16


100th anniversary of birth of Paulo Freire


Paulo Friere!
Our newest film “A is for Angicos” honors the early work of Paulo Freire and will launch in honor of his 100th birthday, September 16th.

Made with 100% found footage from a dozen different sources, our 28-minute documentary explores Freire’s early work in the city of Angicos in 1964 as told by his former collaborators and students. This grassroots education project was interrupted by the 1964 Coup and informed much of what Freire would later write about in “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, “Education as the Practice of Freedom” and many other books.
Thursday, Sept 16th - TVE BAHIA (Portuguese)
  • 7 pm Bahia, Brazil local time – Interview/lecture with Fátima Freire 
  • 9:30 pm Bahia, Brazil local time – FILM PREMIERE “A is for Angicos / Fonemas de Liberdade”
  • TVE Bahia YouTube Live - youtube.com/tvebahia
Saturday, Sept 18th - CEAAL, CMMLK, MST and Casa de Las Americas (Spanish) Sunday, Sept 19th - HotHouse Global (English)
In the early 1960s, Paulo Freire led an experimental adult education program known as “Culture Circles'' in Northeastern Brazil. The Culture Circles mobilized students from the University of Recife to teach adult literacy and conscientization in several cities in the region. One of these was the small city of Angicos in the arid sertão of Rio Grande do Norte, where they planned to teach adults to read and write in only 40 hours. Produced by The Literacy Project to honor the Freire Centenary, the creative team drew on pre-existing footage from a 100% archive film, using footage collected from six filmmakers, two TV stations, and three universities. The result of conversations with those filmmakers, institutions, and a couple of the protagonists is a 28-minute film documentary film that explores the experience of Angicos and its legacy for Brazil in the world today.

A is for Angicos 
28 mins documentary  |  USA/Brazil  |  2021
Directed by Catherine Murphy
Edited by Iris de Oliveira, Renato Maia
Produced by Micaela Ovelar, Kit Miller, Susan Sillins
Cinematography: Cristiano Burlan, Ulisses Brandão, Passos Jr and More
Script advisor: Saudde Cevallos 
Soundtrack:  Cláudio Rabeca, Chico Cesar & Bia Ferreira

Produced by: The Literacy Project, SESC, Bela Films, Martin Luther King Memorial Center,  Buenas Obras Fund and the Embassy of Switzerland in Brazil.
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