First International Film Festival of Gibara kicks off in eastern Holguín

Edited by Damian Donestevez
2017-04-17 11:32:59


A unique concert by Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés opened the first edition of the First International Movie Festival of Gibara in the eastern province of Holguín.

The movie gathering currently underway in the eastern coastal and touristic city of Gibara is a continuation of the creative cosmovision of its founder, emblematic Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solás, who directed important films in the history of revolutionary Cuban cinema, such Lucia, Amada, Cecilia and Honey for Oshún.

Some fifty entries from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Canada and Italy were sent to the eastern city and are competing for the awards, including movies, scripts and film projects. The festival’s venues are the city’s cultural institutions, plazas and the Jiba movie theater. Gibara residents, Cuban and international film fans and experts are also enjoying photo and fine arts exhibits, theater, dance performances and book launchings included on the event’s agenda.  

Dedicated to Spain as the guest country, the festival is attended by famous actors and actresses, including Spain’s Victoria Abril and Imanol Árias and Oscar winning actor, Puerto Rico’s Benicio del Toro, who is scheduled to brief participants and audiences on details of his most recent movies. Cuban bands, singers and musicians are also on hand in open air and theater concerts and recitals, such as Havana de Primera, Isaac Delgado, Athanai, Kelvis Ochoa, David Torrens, David Blanco, Nube Roja and Pancho Céspedes.

One of Humberto Solás’ first and most emblematic films –Lucia- was shot in the town of Gibara in 1968, reason for which the late Cuban moviemaker decided to create the Gibara Low Budget Film Festival some years ago, the current festival’s antecedent. The festival also opened with the tradition street parade and the opening address by festival president, Cuban actor Jorge Perugorría, the star of the famous Cuban movie Strawberries and Chocolate.


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