Bolivian President Evo Morales meets Argentina's Macri to discuss bilateral ties

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
2019-04-23 16:37:05


Buenos Aires, April 23 (RHC)-- After several failed attempts to hold a meeting between the two heads of state, President of Bolivia Evo Morales and his Argentinean counterpart Mauricio Macri finally met on Monday.  Despite strong political disagreements, the two presidents held meetings covering health agreements, gas contracts, the delivery of military aircraft, the 2030 World Cup and migration questions.

"The agenda of issues is extensive," Argentina's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.  The meeting was held at the Casa Rosada, and then the two presidents moved to the El Palomar air base so that the Bolivian president could see the FADEA Pampa plane that Argentina will deliver to his country as part of a gas contract.

In February, the two nations renegotiated a key gas import contract that changes prices and volumes of Bolivia's exports to Argentina.  The adjustment, which changes the schedule in deliveries so that Argentina receives less gas in times of lower consumption, will mean a savings of $460 million for Argentina.

The presidents also discussed social health challenges to resolve the payment of health services that non-resident immigrants from Bolivia use in Argentina to cure chronic diseases, pregnancies or highly complex operations. Argentinean Secretary of Health Adolfo Rubinstein, traveled last month to the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra to monitor the negotiations.

Finally, Evo Morales and Mauricio Macri discussed regional issues such as the situation in Venezuela on which they strongly disagree.  Macri was one of the first political representatives to recognize opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido as "interim president" of the country while Evo Morales reaffirmed his government's support for the democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro.




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