Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez close campaign with massive rally in Bogota

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-05-22 22:53:43


​The poll reveals that after Petro and Gutiérrez, candidate Rodolfo Hernández could be giving the surprise and place himself in the third position before a fall of Sergio Fajardo in the voting intention. | Photo: @petrogustavo​​​​

Bogota, May 23 (RHC)-- Colombia's presidential candidate for the Historic Pact coalition, Gustavo Petro, closed this Sunday his campaign together with his vice-presidential running mate, Francia Márquez, in a massive rally in the historic Simon Bolivar Square in Bogota.

Before thousands of supporters and activists, the progressive candidate, who is leading the voting intentions for the presidential elections to be held next Sunday, May 29th, highlighted in his speech the need to build a government that prioritizes life, the environment and productive development in the country.

At the same time, Gustavo Petro urged Colombians to be alert to possible sabotage of the elections by the Ivan Duque administration, which currently has a rejection rate of up to 70 percent.

"They don't want there to be elections on May 29th because they know they are going to lose.  They are trying a coup against the popular vote (...) I call on the other presidential campaigns to meet on Monday, because on Tuesday they plan to strike a blow to the elections next Sunday, May 29th.  They plan to suspend the elections, they plan to suspend the bodies that run the electoral regime in Colombia," warned Petro.

Despite being guarded by a security scheme due to reports of attempts on his life, Petro shared with Colombians in the square ratifying his commitment to the environment and social struggles, which aim to attack inequalities and fight against drug trafficking.

Last Saturday Petro's vice-presidential candidate, Francia Márquez, was the victim of intimidations in the middle of a rally in Bogotá.

"During the commemoration of the Afro-Colombian Day, they wanted to intimidate me by pointing a laser at me from a nearby building (...),  "They will not silence us!  Our struggle is and always has been against all types of violence that seek to sow fear.  Peace will win!" denounced Francia Márquez.

Likewise, last May 2, candidate Petro was forced to suspend his campaign in the Colombian Eje Cafetero due to reports of attacks against his life, "first hand information was received from sources in the area, where the criminal group "La Cordillera" was thinking of making an attempt against the life of the presidential candidate", stated his campaign team.

"La Cordillera is a paramilitary organization dedicated to drug trafficking and assassination that has achieved a wide control over the regional civil authorities and politicians of the Eje Cafetero, as well as some instances of the Police and the Army", explains Gustavo Petro's statement, who asserted that some agents are part of the criminal group.


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