Raul Castro presides over political act for 60th anniversary of the Military Counterintelligence

Edited by Ed Newman
2022-11-05 22:53:28


Photo: Estudios Revolución.

Havana, November 5 (RHC)-- Army General Raul Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, presided this Saturday over the political act and military ceremony on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Military Counterintelligence, constituted on November 7, 1962, and whose history is, for many reasons, the history of the Revolution itself.

The Army General extended his warmest congratulations to the chiefs, officers, non-commissioned officers, cadets, sergeants, soldiers and civilian workers of the Military Counterintelligence, in a letter read by Major General Victor Rojo Ramos, head of the Political Directorate of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, during the commemoration.

In the letter, Raul expressed his certainty that the members of this prestigious body "will continue to preserve, with the professionalism and honesty that characterizes them, the security of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the work of the Revolution".

Challenges, commitments, history, integrity and acknowledgements were discussed at the tribute, held at the "Comandante Arides Estévez Sánchez" Superior Military School, where members of the Political Bureau, Army Corps General Álvaro López Miera and Major General Lázaro Álvarez Casas, Ministers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and of the Interior, respectively, were present.

They were joined by a representation of the main chiefs of the two armed institutions, as well as founders and retirees of the Military Counterintelligence.

After the report of the Chief of the troops and their review, with the corresponding salute of the reviewing officer, Captain Roxana Díaz Prieto, member of the Military Counterintelligence, took the floor, who on behalf of the new generations of officers acknowledged that, even though much work has been done, the challenges ahead are even greater.

"For revolutionaries there is no rest, we have to be united and work to continue consolidating the conquests achieved", she emphasized.

In her words, the young officer ratified to the "Party, to Army General Raúl Castro Ruz and to the people of Cuba, that the relay is guaranteed, because the combatants of the Military Counterintelligence will never disappoint the trust that the leadership of the Revolution has placed in us".

This morning of homage was also a propitious scenario for the Army General to receive, from the hands of Major General José Miguel Gómez del Vallín, head of the Military Counterintelligence Headquarters, a diploma recognizing his condition of founding chief of this organ of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and his work during these six decades as an educator par excellence of generations of officers.

In turn, the leader of the Cuban Revolution presented a recognition to the Military Counterintelligence, whose members are distinguished by their dedication, responsibility and modesty in the fulfillment of their tasks, who during the last 60 years have protected the armed institution against the plans of the internal and external enemy.

"The date we are celebrating is a glorious day for those of us who were trained in this body and a privilege for those of us who have the pleasure of commemorating this 60th anniversary", said the Chief of the Military Counterintelligence Headquarters, when he pronounced the central words of the political act and military ceremony that culminated with the parade of the troops.

After making a brief review of several moments of the revolutionary struggle, which became over the years the foundational roots of the Military Counterintelligence, Major General Gómez del Vallín recalled in a special way the role played by the Commander in Chief and the General of the Army during these decades.

In his speech, he also acknowledged the founders, heroes and martyrs, from whom we inherited, he said, their sacrifice, courage and revolutionary attitude; the collaborators "who have worked alongside us"; and particularly the young people, who in every era have imbued their spirit of work and cemented the Revolution with the sweat of sacrifice.

For the combatants of the Military Counterintelligence, he affirmed, there is no other alternative but to work systematically and intelligently, with a rational and efficient use of the forces and means at our disposal, based on the deepest conviction of the importance of the work we carry out.


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