Cuban Foreign Minister denounces Twitter's links with the US Government

Edited by Catherin López
2022-12-27 08:44:36


Bruno denounced Twitter links with US government agencies. Image: Twitter of Bruno Rodriguez

Havana, Dec 27 (RHC) Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, denounced through his Twitter account the links of that social network with U.S. government agencies to carry out psychological warfare actions against Cuba and demanded a response on the matter.


Rodriguez pointed out that the so-called Twitter Files, documents leaked to journalists on the management of that company, show that the U.S. intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, and the State Department coordinated such activities.

At the same time, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) paid the company to respond to its requests, he added.

Among the targets of these actions were Cuban users, said Rodriguez, who in another message commented that Matt Taibbi, editor of Substack, revealed that in the long lists of accounts that Twitter received with censorship indications there were Cubans, "marked for restraint or digital execution".

The editor also revealed that Washington was in constant contact not only with that company but virtually with all major technology companies, including Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon, Reddit, and even Pinterest, the foreign minister added.

The Cuban minister use the new evidence to reiterate the denunciation he made before the United Nations General Assembly last November 3 and demanded answers on the matter.

At that time, Rodríguez said that the U.S. government allocates tens of millions of dollars from the federal budget and secret funds, to recruit government institutions and private companies to finance political operators who carry out campaigns of disinformation, hatred, and destabilization in digital networks against Cuba.

In this regard, he recalled that last October 24, Twitter and Meta (Facebook), which now has among its top executives the former campaign manager of an anti-Cuban Republican senator, simultaneously deployed censorship actions against Cuban public media and users.

As part of these actions, several publications were labeled as linked to the Cuban government, limiting their reach on the networks and eliminating critical accounts of the destabilizing operations against the Caribbean nation.

"It was a selective, coordinated action that violates the right to free expression of Cubans and expresses the subordination of these companies to U.S. politicians," he stressed. (Source: PL)


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