Presidents of Mexico and Cuba ratify the solidarity and historical friendship between both countries.

Edited by Catherin López
2023-02-11 22:11:48


Photo: Prensa Latina.

Mexico City, Feb 11 (RHC) The presidents of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, ratified Saturday the historic friendship that unites the peoples of both countries.

At the ceremony to welcome the Cuban president at the Campeche International Airport, the presidents spoke briefly before officials of the two governments.

The first to speak was the host president who said it was a great honor to receive him in Campeche, and Mexico in his capacity as leader of the dignified Cuban people.

He recalled that Mexico and Cuba have always maintained relations of political brotherhood. Here we remember that José Martí practiced journalism, poetry, and literature.

He expressed that Mexico was fortunate that another islander, Pedro Santacilia, was son-in-law and advisor to the most important president of our country, Benito Juárez, and we will never forget the Cuban ambassador Manuel Márquez Sterling, who defended our apostle of democracy, Francisco I Madero, in times of scoundrels.

Nor will we remain silent about the historic fact that the Granma yacht left Tuxpan in the Gulf of Mexico with a group of revolutionaries with Fidel Castro, Raul, and Ernesto Che Guevara to liberate the island from Batista's dictatorship, he recalled.

And more important, to define for 60 years the will and support of an indomitable people in the frontier that must exist between sovereignty and the desire for hegemonic domination, he added. "That is why you, President Díaz-Canel, are a distinguished and admired guest for the Mexican government."

In his response to the greeting, the Cuban President thanked the words of his host and expressed his satisfaction for beginning this visit in Campeche, a place very similar geographically to his country. He boasted of setting foot on Mexican soil once again, reuniting friends, and sharing with this part of the great Latin American family that extended its hand to the Caribbean nation in difficult times.

"Arriving in the homeland of Benito Juarez is an honor and there is no Cuban who fails to recognize him as one of the greats of America in the struggle against European colonialism and the powerful neighbor to the north," he said.

"Mexico, beautiful and dear, historic, a country we must thank, gave home and heart to those who fought for our freedom, from Martí to Fidel, and is present in solidarity, honest, with gestures and words, from the government and that is why I bring you this message of deep respect and love to the people and their President Andrés Manuel López Obrador," the visitor stressed.

He announced that during the visit they will review what they have done so far and the new goals, the bilateral relationship, the programs, and actions of mutual benefit beyond the traditional and ratified the will to continue strengthening these ties. (Source: Prensa Latina).


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