Vaccines and concerns 

According to official records as of yesterday, nearly 40 million people had been inoculated against COVID-19, but most of these recipients live in developed countries with high levels of income.... More

The Lone Ranger

Some may still remember when the out-going President of the United States, Donald Trump, reluctantly agreed to wear a mask to protect himself from COVID-19 and said he felt like "The Lone Ranger," a fictional TV character from the old American West.... More

Biden's challenges

There are only a few days left before U.S. President-elect Joe Biden takes office as White House chief executive, and his team must be working hard to address the major issues to be inherited from his predecessor, Donald Trump.... More

The devil's earnings

2020 was a very difficult year, with serious losses for almost everyone when it comes to health, social, political and economic terms, except, of course for the industrial and commercial/for-profit pharmaceutical consortiums that made huge profits from the COVID-19 pandemic.... More

Since 2011, Cuba has carried out gradual transformations in the state system, so as to enhance and improve  the work performed by these entities, which are key players in the economic development of the country.... More

Elections in times of COVID 

Several Latin American countries will hold important elections during 2021, which will be potentially shaped by the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic and the discontent or indifference of the population towards the so-called "political class."... More

Uncertain prospects

The International Monetary Fund, the IMF, it its most recent update of the World Economic Outlook, confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic was a major setback to the living standards of many countries and will exacerbate inequalities in the future.... More

A star led Che to Santa Clara

The Cuban province of Villa Clara celebrates this Monday the 22nd anniversary of the inauguration of the great monumental facility located in the municipality of Santa Clara to pay tribute to Commander Ernesto Che Guevara, who led one of the most decisive battles of the Rebel Army in this city during the national liberation struggle.... More

U.S. closes a terrible year

Only few days are left until the end of 2020 -- a year that has been particularly terrible for the United States, with an increase in mortality statistics not registered since 1918, after the end of World War I.... More

Aid for Palestine

Nickolay Mladenov, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, has warned that nearly half of the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip need humanitarian aid due to Israel’s ongoing aggressions.... More

United Kingdom fenced-in

The discovery of a new strain of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom -- up to 70% more contagious than those known so far -- has raised concern in several European Union member countries to the extent of suspending land, sea and air communications with the UK.... More

Vaccines and justice

The start of the vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 in some developed countries, including the United States, places the situation of poor nations on the table, since they will be excluded from the benefit of these immunizers.... More

Let's save the planet

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement, the United Nations held the Climate Ambition Summit to renew the commitments of all nations to combat global warming.... More

Russian vaccine in Argentina

The president of Argentina Alberto Fernandez, announced this week the signing of an agreement with the Sovereign Fund of the Russian Federation to acquire the amount of vaccine doses against COVID-19, called Sputnik V, which will allow the immunization of ten million people before the end of next February.... More

Farewell to Tabaré

The former president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vásquez, passed away in the early hours of this Sunday morning, leaving a sound legacy that should be studied and debated in progressive and leftist parties in Latin America and the Caribbean.... More