Ecuadorean President Warns of Right-Wing Destabilization in Latin America

Quito, May 15 (teleSUR-RHC)-- Ecuador's President Rafael Correa warned on Thursday during a televised interview that the right-wing of Latin America seems to be planning to destabilize the region's progressive governments.


“Just as the right wing, reactionary groups, elites, are uniting to restore conservative power, to stage a bourgeois rebellion, to defend (their concept of) liberty, human rights, democracy, their human rights, their concept of democracy -- we must unite, too ,” said the president.


According to Correa, the different right-wing groups in the region appear to be coordinating their efforts. The president explained that a series of actions organized by opposition movements and parties, from Brazil to Venezuela, have displayed similar strategies against progressive governments.


Correa added that these movements coordinate with hostile international groups. “We are facing permanent conspiracies and they have even distributed leaflets filled with lies in the (military) barracks. There are groups that, if allowed, would kill us,” added Correa.

The Ecuadorean head of state also criticized regional media, which he says is playing a political role seeking “to erode the popularity of the president, to erode the (progressive) government”.

Edited by Ivan Martínez


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