Notes for an Agenda (XIV)

One of the many debts the United States owes to our region is the bloody invasion of Grenada, a small Caribbean island nation against which disproportionate force was applied under the pretext, once again, of restoring democracy, peace and security.... More

Parody of intrepid warriors

In the succession of attempts to create unmanageable situations in Cuba, the proclaimed attempt to fly from Miami to Havana by a small group of alleged warriors stood out for its caricatured tinge, in a redemptive raid, according to their preachers.... More

Extreme right grows

The results of the recent legislative elections in Argentina, as well as the trends in voting intentions for the presidential elections in Chile, show how in some parts of the region xenophobic and reactionary extreme right-wing groups are growing.... More

Two pandemics

Cubans took a decisive step in the search for the new normality, still with risks of COVID-19, although with control of the pandemic, and under the pressure of material difficulties and plans of dark forces to spoil domestic peace.... More

Notice in Argentina

The partial legislative elections held in Argentina confirmed that the most conservative right wing is still alive in that country, where the government of Alberto Fernandez lost, as feared, the majority it enjoyed in the Senate and reduced its presence in the Chamber of Deputies.... More

A city that enamors, amazes and traps in its mystery, history, cultural and architectural richness, bustle and daily life, that is Havana, where past, present and future converge.... More

Caffeine-free Summit 

More than with substantive agreements, the UN summit on climate change held in Glasgow, United Kingdom, ended with an open divorce between the pressing reality of global warming and the interests of the rich countries, which are, in turn, the most polluting.... More

The United States maintains unalterable the economic, commercial and financial blockade and intensifies its destabilizing actions against Cuba, but the world increases its solidarity and mobilizes to accompany Cubans in the defense of their sovereignty and their right to build a better future for all its citizens.... More

On the edge of the abyss 

The terrible situation in Haiti, the most impoverished country in the American continent, worsened during the week ending today due to the actions of gangs that have under their control large areas of Port-au-Prince, the capital, and other cities in the interior.... More

The relationship between Cuba and UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, dates back more than seven decades and recognizes the Caribbean nation's leadership in cooperation.... More

Notes for an Agenda (XIII)

Less than a month to go before the virtual summit on Democracy, Human Rights and the Fight against Terrorism, to which U.S. President Joseph Biden invited a group of rulers who are friends of his or faithful servants of his designs.... More

Cuba's right to choose its path

Every people has the right to choose its own path and work for its development and well-being. Any external attempt to halt that progress and seek regime change is an interference in their internal affairs, an aggression against their sovereignty, a violation of international norms and a threat to peace.... More

Intolerable interference

U.S. President Joseph Biden seems determined to demonstrate that in terms of disrespect for the sovereignty of peoples, international law and harmonious coexistence among nations, he can be even worse than his nefarious predecessor, Donald Trump.... More

From this Wednesday until December 23, the assemblies of accountability of delegates to their electors will be held, an exercise of our participatory democracy endorsed by the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba.... More

Close to the bench

In a vote described as historic, Chile's Chamber of Deputies approved the day before the constitutional accusation against President Sebastián Piñera, accused of obtaining personal benefits for himself and his family by taking advantage of the privileges granted to him by his position.... More